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We have many kinds of good used bikes for men, women, youth and children.  Your purchase helps support our mission of providing accessible transportation and bicycle repair services for people in our community.  






*We have many brands available at the shop including Trek, Giant, Diamondback, Columbia, Huffy, and Schwinn.  
Because we rely on donations, our inventory is subject to change, and it is best to visit in-person to see what bikes are available.

39 thoughts on “Bikes For Sale

  1. terri says:

    Do u have mt.bikes

  2. Dan says:

    Do you have any men’s non steel frames like schwin varsity?

  3. Dechen says:

    What’s the cost of the Women’s Schwinn Commuter?


  4. Katie says:

    do you have any Womens Cruiser Bikes? if so how much?

  5. Crystal says:

    I need help with my bike, I keep losing air in the back tire and I just signed up for Bike to Work week. I think I may need a more heavy duty tire, or maybe just advice. I have a portable air pump that I don’t think I know how to use properly. Could I come to the shop Friday?

  6. Ruperto Guedea, Jr. says:

    Do you have any pedals for man’s cruiser type bicycles? How much does a pair cost?
    I visited your shop today, but it seemed too busy for me to get any information, so I left. Also I have a mountain/road type bicycle that I would like to trade for a cruiser bike. Is it possible? Thank you for your attention to this matter. -Tito

    • Yes, we do have pedals available. We ask for a donation, generally around $5.

      Regarding trading bicycles, we generally do not make trades, unless the bicycle is in great condition and we would not need to do anything to get it ready to sell to someone else.

  7. Cindy Stoneburner says:

    We are looking for a road bike for our preteen son (not a tall young man), his current bike is heavy and he struggles to keep up with his father and I, even when we are going very slow. Would you have anything that might fit the bill? If so what would the cost be?

    • Hi Cindy!
      Thanks for contacting us. We have a red Fuji Junior boys road bike with 24-inch wheels in our showroom. The price is $110 (cash/check only). (It would not qualify for our Work-to-Own program.) We will be open on Wednesday 9 am – 3 pm, Friday, 1-5 pm, and Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm.

  8. Robert Morris says:

    I would like a 3 speed 26-27 inch bike for casual exercise.. I’m 84 so don’t want anything strenuous. What kind of bike should I get and do you have one?

    • Robert,
      It sounds like you want a “cruiser”-style bicycle that has the pedals positioned forward from the seat rather than more directly under the seat. I would also recommend a bike that has a low bar for ease of climbing on and off of the bicycle.

      I think that we may have a bike in the shop that would fit your needs.

  9. trudy says:

    do you purchase used bikes?


  10. Rachel Lambdin says:

    What’s your least expensive bmx bike

  11. Melissa Bontrager says:

    What is the average cost of a beach cruiser? Where are you located?

  12. levi says:

    Do u have any road bikes I can ride about 10
    Miles to work everyday? And how much avg. Pls email me. Thank you

  13. margie says:

    Do you have any three wheeler bikes and if you do how much are they

    • We do not have any three-wheeled bikes for adults at this time. Donations of this type of bike do not come in very often, and prices always depend on the age and condition of t$he bike or trike. The range is usually between $150 and $250.

  14. April says:

    Do you have bikes for 5 year olds?

  15. Carla craw says:

    Hey Kathy.

    This is Carla Craw. Christopher chose the bike trip with Josh for interterm. He has a mountain bike, but we are not sure if it is up to the mIles of this trip. Is this something you guys do? Help us determine the quality of his bike? He may want to look at other bikes you have.

    • Yes, Carla, we would be glad to help you and Christopher decide whether his mountain bike will work for the road trip. In general, wide knobby tires make it a lot harder to ride long distances on the road. Maybe slightly less wide and smoother tires can be put on the bike instead, but the guys in the shop will also need to look at the gearing, etc. You should also make sure that the bicycle is still the right size for Christopher. He has been doing a lot of growing lately!

      If he needs to look at other bikes, we have a good selection on hand, some that would be ready to go now, and others that could be ready soon. Thanks for the inquiry!


  16. Christopher L York says:

    Do you have any commute bikes available or cruisers something comfortable for road or trail

  17. Angel diaz says:

    Do u have any bmx bikes for sale if u do how much are they

    • Hi, and thanks for your question! I checked with our bike shop manager, and he says that we do have some BMX bikes for sale. BMX style bikes are popular, and so we don’t tend to have many that stay around for long. Prices range from $20 – $60. Stop by the shop on Wednesday or Saturday between 10 am – 3 pm, or on Friday 3-7 pm.

      Thanks again.

  18. luis corona says:

    Hello do you have any mountain bikes available and if so, how much?

  19. Carissa says:

    Do you guys help people with bikes to get back and forth to work. I just got a new job and have no transmission.

  20. Dominic Cope says:

    You guys are awesome because you help people who are in needs. I hope you can help more and share this kind of opportunity. Cheers for more info from you about bicycles in the future.

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