Educational Opportunities

Learn Bicycle Repair Skills

Want to learn how to fix your own bike? We can help!

Learn bicycle repair and maintenance skills

at Chain Reaction Bike Shop

No appointment or prior experience necessary.

No fee or donation requested in order to learn skills.

Just come to the Bike Shop when we are open!

Wednesdays 10-3, Fridays 3-7, Saturdays 10-3


Saturday Morning Classes Scheduled 7 x per year

 Sample classes include:

  • Basic Bicycle Emergency Repair
  • How to Fix a Flat 101
  • Basic Bicycle Lubrication and Service
  • Basic Brake Adjustment & Repair
  • Basic Adjustments for Shifting Issues
  • How to Change a Broken Spoke
  • How to Build a Wheel — for the advance student
  • How to install and set up a Bicycle Computer

Bicycling Safety Classes also available — Learn best practices for riding on city streets and off-road trails

  • Pedestrians stay to the Left, but Bicyclists ride on the Right!
  • When riding on the trail and you come up behind a pedestrian, give them an early warning that you are coming through.
    • Call out, “ON YOUR LEFT (or right) !”
  • Use Hand Signals to indicate your Turns to everyone around you : Point the Way!
  • Riding at Night? Use your Lights!
  • Riding at Dusk?  USE YOUR LIGHTS!
  • Always Wear a Helmet when you ride.  Another name for your helmet is your BRAIN BUCKET. Use yours to protect your brain.
  • If you get into a tangle with a motorized vehicle, the other guy is always gonna win. Wear the helmet WHENEVER you ride.

Keep the rubber on the road!

Call 574-903-3056 for more information.

CRBP Partners with Goshen Community Schools

July 13, 2018 in Bicycle Education Classes, Chain Reaction Bike Shop, Featured, Schools by Kathy Nofziger Yeakey

Goshen schools to begin program to teach bicycle repair to some middle school students


Goshen Renaissance at Chain Reaction

June 8, 2018 in Chain Reaction Bike Shop, Featured, Schools, Uncategorized, Volunteers by Kathy Nofziger Yeakey

Goshen Renaissance Mural

6th grader Ian Jimenez of Goshen Middle School New Tech designed and painted a mural at Chain Reaction as a part of a “Goshen Renaissance” project. Students explored The European Renaissance and connected it to the downtown and local movement that Goshen is experiencing.
Jared Leaman, CRBP board member and a teacher at Goshen Middle School, coordinated this project.

Spring Break Bicycle Blow-out Sale at Chain Reaction

March 17, 2018 in Chain Reaction Bike Shop, Events, Featured, Uncategorized by Kathy Nofziger Yeakey

Friday, March 30th, 3-7 pm and Saturday, March 31st, 10 am-3 pm

Bikes for kids, youth, and adults on Sale

Select bikes for adults and children will be marked down to $50, $30, and $25.

Weather permitting we will have bikes out on the lawn.

Come on over and check it out!

Support CRBP by Shopping at Ten Thousand Villages in Goshen

December 5, 2017 in Bulletin, Chain Reaction Bike Shop, Events, Featured, Uncategorized by Kathy Nofziger Yeakey

Here’s another great way you can support Chain Reaction Bicycle Project: Shop at Ten Thousand Villages Goshen,  and they will donate 20% of your sale to us! There are other not-for-profit organizations also participating in this annual Holiday Community Shopping Event, so make sure you tell the cashier you are shopping for Chain Reaction.

I mean… look at all these great gifts for bike lovers!



Fall Class at CRBP Bike Shop

October 30, 2017 in Bicycle Education Classes, Chain Reaction Bike Shop, Events, Featured by Kathy Nofziger Yeakey

“Emergency Bicycle Repair 101”


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