Pedal Power Pride — Elkhart

September 19, 2014 in Uncategorized by Kathy Nofziger Yeakey

Pedal Power Pride Community Bike Shop

Pedal Power Pride (PPP) is a community bike shop located at 1320 Prairie Street, Elkhart, Indiana.

PPP was started in 2009 by Michael Wiebe-Johnson as a “free clinic” for bicycles. The hours of operation are flexible. Check the shop door for current times.

People in need of a bicycle can “earn” a bike by working in the bike shop for four to six hours depending on the value of the bike. Donated bikes are either fixed up and “sold” or are disassembled for parts and used to repair other bikes. Citizens can bring their bikes in for repair and utilize staff expertise or use the shop’s tools to perform their own repairs. Volunteers are needed to keep PPP going.